Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MTSA Premier and Trainer Carl Heil prepares team for High School

One of the primary reasons for starting this team was to teach a dedicated group of players the entire soccer game and challenge them in competitive play to prepare them for soccer future; most immediate is High School.    Every player on MTSA Premier  that went out for their high school team has not only made it but  most have reported that they are in the top 50% of their classmates.   It was also reported many have excelled by playing with the JV or Varsity teams. “ I am not surprised”, stated their head coach.   “we play against fast, strong kids all the time bettering their own skills plus our kids understand the game.”
The Trainer, Carl Heil from Shift FC is the foundation of our kids learning and success among their peers.   We teach the entire game; so no matter who is the coach or what system is played your son will be ready.  Remember, it is more than winning trophies, it is about personal success  and achievements. 
We have moved forward and started our next goal of soccer knowledge and skills, thus preparing the players for their future soccer endeavors.   W will be competing with the top 10% , looking to better our skills and expose the players to College Showcases.   If you live in South Jersey and looking challenge yourself on a boys select soccer team, contact us at MTSAPremier@gmail.com.  We are located in Gloucester County Soccer

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